Family News

Family News

Thought I’d update what we’re doing, mostly for our family and friends “back home.” Monte is very busy working. We have organised his home office a bit more and he is settled there, where he works full-time. An influx of work at this time, just before I go on leave, is convenient, but things are very […]

26 weeks

The last week of the 2nd trimester – just a few days to go and I’ll well and truly be in the ‘huffnpuff’ stage. The second trimester is my favourite part of pregnancy. Usually, I am not too big and not too sick, and have more energy to do stuff. The last few weeks, however, […]

Antibodies in pregnancy

I’ve mentioned my antibodies before in a previous post. My blood is a rare type but it’s only an issue when I’m pregnant, or, I imagine, if I ever need a blood or organ transplant. Most people know about the Rhesus issue (when a mother’s blood type does not match her baby’s and therefore forms […]

21 weeks

21 weeks

We’ve reached the 21-week mark. This pregnancy is going so fast it’s almost scary. For me, this is probably a fair way over halfway (my other babies were born 3 and 2 weeks early). We had our anomaly scan yesterday. We chuckled afterwards that we weren’t in great awe after this scan because we’ve already […]

‘Fessing Up

‘Fessing Up

I haven’t blogged for a while. There has been so much happening: so much to do and so much to write about. I’ve just been so tired. There’s a reason, of course. Growing a person seems to take every ounce of energy. We’re very happy to be expecting bloodnut* #3 in October. Being my third […]

Exciting Developments

Very exciting things are happening in our neck of the woods! Excitement abounds… Firstly, as I write, work is happening on our house. The lazerlite sheeting is now fixed on our carport and both verandahs. It is wonderful to have some shelter from the rain (ever looming, ever present, bloody rain). The lazerlite is clear […]

News for Fangorn

Bad News to report, I am afraid. Last night some predator crept into our baby chick enclosure and killed the lot. They were nearly 5 months; ripe for the eating! We were planning a gradual slaughter and roast dinners for five weeks or so. We are bitterly disappointed, as these chooks were being fattened up for […]


Matthew and Georgia with their Easter loot: 0700hrs Happy Easter. I have been thinking a lot about the religious philosophies behind all these holidays we celebrate. Another Easter went by when we did not go to church. This was partly because we escaped the confines of the cabin for a picnic with friends at Margate, […]