29 weeks

I like going for the regular ultrasounds. It’s interesting seeing the development of the baby, such as the brain getting bigger in the skull, and more brainy looking. Baby is looking rather roly-poly and cute, with chunky thighs and a round tummy. I can’t wait to hold that little baby in my arms. The lips are full ones and baby practices sucking. The lungs are developing and bubs practises breathing. The head is down and the feet are pressing into my guts, making my nausea even crapper, but I still won’t complain about feeling the kicks and prods (which are now painful!). Bubs is running out of room in my belly (tough luck for the next few months then!).

Here is bubs at 29 weeks:

I am itrigued with the rate of growth of this little one. Bubs is now slightly bigger than most babies at this stage of development. I love statistics, and seeing the growth rate plotted on the graph is good.

The whole reason I am having such regular detailed scans is to measure and check baby for anemia because of my antibodies. My most recent appointment showed that baby is borderline anemic. I have to go in again next week to have another scan. If the rate of anemia gets too high, baby will either need to be born or have blood transfusions. Knowing that the baby is a good size with a good growth rate makes it easier for me to contemplate an early delivery; I have been told the baby will be induced early. You’d think I’d be stressed – although I am concerned for the bubba I know that I am in good hands. The hospital staff at the RHH are great. The doctors have been excellent and the ultrasound staff have been excellent.

Here is a pic of me at 29 weeks. Not very flattering, I’m afraid. Well beyond the flattering stage now, with all the waddling and exclamations of “Ow!” when baby kicks me too hard in the ribs.

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