All is great on baby-front!

We went for another check-up (31 weeks) at the High Risk Clinic (the third week in a row) and this week was much more pleasing. Whereas the baby’s anaemia levels have been up a bit recently, today they were perfect. I’m really happy about this, as you can imagine. We talked a bit about what the MCA doppler actually shows. The doctor’s understanding was that the more anaemic the baby is is, the faster the blood flows because it is thinner (less red blood cells). The doctors still don’t fully understand how antibodies impact on an unborn baby. I think the most common reaction of the antibodies is that the baby can get jaundiced, caused by extra production of billirubin in response to reduction of red blood cells. Georgia was a bit jaundiced; with her, my antibodies rose to a high titre of 128. I don’t know what my titres are now.

Baby was hiccupping during the scan and it was very interesting to see the diaphragm moving up and down. During the hiccupping, the baby’s torso was wriggling a lot. The sonographer had to try to do some measurements elsewhere whilst the hiccupping was going on. Before the scan, the baby started moving and kicking most actively, so I took a walk up three flights of stairs and down again, trying to settle it. It’s a very good baby and settled quickly, although the hiccupping began. I didn’t tell anybody about the jelly bean I had consumed in the waiting room!

One jelly bean! Imagine what happens when I have a handful (which is not that infrequently! They help with the morning sickness, which I am annoyed to still be having!). Or coffee! I really like my doctor. She says that coffee is “absolutely fine” for me, as long as I am not having 16 cups a day. Today I had an extra coffee before my appointment. I was on a wonderful caffeine high. She thought I was hilarious. She said the baby loves it. My blood pressure and the baby’s heart rate were fabulous.

So the baby’s heart and stomach and lungs look good. It’s practicing breathing, which is great! The sonographer showed us an almost-3D shot of our baby’s face. I immediately thought that it looks just like our other babies. How gorgeous. I’m besotted already! I haven’t even heard that first cry yet!

Our baby is a good size – right on the line of average growth. I think the baby weighs around 2kg now. That’s 2kg in my belly, wriggling around a lot. No wonder my belly shudders and wriggles around so much. The doctor says I have a wonderful belly to feel. I think she means that she can really feel where the baby is lying. She says funny things, my doctor, like, “I am no good at sex,” (on talking about seeing baby’s sex on the ultrasound, I presume).

Seven (or less) weeks to go! We are very excited! Baby’s head is engaged now, which the doctor says is great, but it’s also uncomfortable. I can feel the head in my pelvis and it makes me waddle, which makes Monte look at me endearingly. Or maybe that is pity. To think the baby is getting ready for birth… makes me think I should be getting ready for the delivery. My other labours have been 3 and 2 hours long. I wonder how long this one will be? I have plans to make it go slower, like resting on the bed or having a bath. I know that ice chips are good pain relief/distraction for me. Other than that, I don’t really have a birth plan. I do, however, have some tiny little clothes all washed and packed away in baby’s room. Isn’t that enough preparation?

err… no, not really.

Today, I feel great. Tomorrow, watch out.