‘Fessing Up

I haven’t blogged for a while. There has been so much happening: so much to do and so much to write about. I’ve just been so tired.

There’s a reason, of course. Growing a person seems to take every ounce of energy. We’re very happy to be expecting bloodnut* #3 in October.

Being my third pregnancy, there’s not much that suprises me. The tiredness, hunger, the exciting flutters/prods/kicks of baby’s movements, awe at each ultrasound, headaches, weight loss (!) etc etc. What is surprising me is the constant: “Is it a boy or a girl?” to which I reply “Yes.”

Below is baby at 13 weeks, sucking its thumb. All our babies have been womb thumb-suckers. I find this rather cute. At the most recent ultrasound, baby was waving at us, which was really endearing.

* If Number Three is not a redhead, we will be surprised, even though there is just a 1 in 4 chance of it happening!