a month to go…

Baby: The baby is doing very well. The doctors have pretty much ruled out anaemia now and I only have one more scan before D-Day. Or should I say B-Day! Ultrasound shows the baby has lovely chunky thighs. We got some excellent views of the baby ‘breathing,’ and it is comforting to know that if it were born now it would be fine. Baby is weighing approximately 2.09kg (give or take 10-15%), which is average. All the measurements have been average throughout the pregnancy and the birth weight is predicted somewhere around the low 3kg/7lbs mark (at 37-38w) but I still think that he/she will be bigger than that. I think the baby is starting to slow down its movements now, although this little one is still wriggling around a lot and I get some painful kicks under my ribs and into the side of my tummy. Love it.

Me: Happy! I am excited and am beginning to mentally prepare for the birth. I have a birth plan in mind, based on my previous experiences and some stuff I’ve been reading. I am feeling very tired. It seems that no matter how much rest I have, I still feel exhausted and I don’t recall ever being this tired before. I’m pretty sore, with the baby’s head so low, so I have a deep soak in the big bath every evening. I am getting lots of ‘practice’ contractions. I feel a lot smaller than my last pregnancies; I was biggest with Georgia. I’ve gained less than half the weight than I had in my other pregnancies. I don’t usually feel hungry. I get very thirsty but the nausea keeps my appetite down. Actually, I haven’t gained any weight for a month. I know that the baby is growing so I am not stressed. My nanna once told me that you don’t have to gain weight in pregnancy (it’s just inevitable!).

I am pleased that it’s school holidays now and I am on maternity leave. We have a few things to organise, like the baby’s room and the guest room. I want to spend the next month building the nest and spending lots of time with Georgia and Matthew before #3 comes along. They have both been seeming a bit insecure as they prepare for change and they need lots of cuddles. Monte seems to be in preparation mode too. He is working until midnight most nights. It’s fathers day today and he’s out in the rain chopping wood.

I am missing family and friends back in Adelaide. I think it will be weird having a baby and being away from lots of people who I love. I am planning to return to Adelaide for my nanna’s 90th birthday. The baby will be 2 weeks old. Hmmm.

last day of work