Exciting Developments

Very exciting things are happening in our neck of the woods! Excitement abounds… Firstly, as I write, work is happening on our house. The lazerlite sheeting is now fixed on our carport and both verandahs. It is wonderful to have some shelter from the rain (ever looming, ever present, bloody rain). The lazerlite is clear […]

News for Fangorn

Bad News to report, I am afraid. Last night some predator crept into our baby chick enclosure and killed the lot. They were nearly 5 months; ripe for the eating! We were planning a gradual slaughter and roast dinners for five weeks or so. We are bitterly disappointed, as these chooks were being fattened up for […]


Matthew and Georgia with their Easter loot: 0700hrs Happy Easter. I have been thinking a lot about the religious philosophies behind all these holidays we celebrate. Another Easter went by when we did not go to church. This was partly because we escaped the confines of the cabin for a picnic with friends at Margate, […]

Strange December

When doing the school/childcare drop offs today, I was reminded of what winter is like here. The scent of smoke from chimneys mixed with the smell of rain bathed in sunshine. Odd, to be wearing a skivvy in Summer. Odd, to be this cold. I have just finished reading a novel: “The Time Traveller’s Wife.” […]

Facebook – or anti-aging

I have a love-hate relationship with facebook! For one, I love that I can keep in touch with people. Everybody I have ever met has touched my life in some way, so it is nice to see what people are doing. I love its chat and I love the photos. It helps me feel like […]

Spinny spin-spin

My first attempt at spinning – using a drop spindle made of myrtle. I keep this in my car for when I have some spare time to spin on the run! (not actually whilst driving)  This week I went to the local spinners and weavers meeting. It was awesome! My mother-in-law gave me a spinning […]

Life going on

Pardon me for not blogging for a while (actually, I did blog, but I ‘saved’ my post rather than ‘publishing’ it). We have been terribly busy hanging out with our new friends! Plus, there are all these ruddy festivals every weekend, so we’ve been so busy socialising and going out that I haven’t been posting. […]