Happy new year!

Hi there!

It has been an age since I wrote last. I think the treatments really got the better of me and I had to narrow down my priorities a bit. Blogging kind of went on the back burner.

So here we are in a new year already! This New Year’s Eve we celebrated a decade since moving down to our piece of green, lumpy land in southern Tassie. So much has happened in those ten years. I can safely say our thirties were eventful! We are hoping that our forties will be a lot less… horrible. I won’t lie – there have been some brilliant times as well, and I am ever grateful to be married to such an awesome man.

I have a few New Years resolutions that I’d like to share with you, as I usually do. So here goes:

  • Blogging weekly. Yep. I’d like to write a post each week! I have some ideas of things to write about. The main thing I want to do is write write write. So that is a plan. I’m most likely to write on weekends. Stay tuned!
  • Reading more. If I can, I want to read a book each week. I’ll be listing the books I read in my journal, and I’d like to write book reviews on my blog too.
  • More adventures! Including travelling, and being a tourist in our own state.
  • Get fit again! My fitness declined and my weight inclined somewhat during cancer treatments. I was just too tired to exercise; and I ate and drank my emotions. This year I want to lose at least 5 kilos and tone right up. I have an exercise regime in mind, which I might share on here sometime.
  • I want to create an exciting outdoor space for our children. Finishing the cubby house, building a mud kitchen and a fairy/dinosaur garden are on the top of my list.
  • Gardening! Growing more fruit trees, expanding our back and front gardens and growing more stuff – flowery shrubs and edible plants will be my focus.
  • Slightly out of our complete control, we want to get the extension done this year. Plans are currently with the engineer. It’ll be great to have the new space.
  • Finally, I want to create more. Especially with my sewing, which I want to turn into a little business. More on that later.

So there you go. 2018, you better be a good one. I’m returning to work; it’s Sarah’s last year at home before kinder; and I have a feeling our family will have a fair bit of adventure together. I’m going to concentrate on our blessings.

Happy new year from our bunch to yours xo

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  1. Liz Haywood
    Liz Haywood January 8, 2018 at 11:27 pm |

    You have some fun and exciting New Years Resolutions. Here’s to 2018!

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