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Dear Tania

Dear Tania Firstly, thank you for looking after my furry (and feathered) friends. We really appreciate your help. It is here that I confess that I have not yet been to Haighs as you requested, but I shall get there soon to pick up some loot. Whether the said loot reaches Tasmania is yet to […]

A year in Review (Goulding Chronicle 2008)

Firstly, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you! What an amazing year. I could use the cliche and say that we can’t believe how fast the year has flown by. Except I won’t, because it hasn’t. Probably the most challenging and exciting year of our lives to date, this year has been wonderful. A […]

Cobb #2

Apologies for taking so long to write the second installment on the Cobb oven story. Life is so busy as it is, but with Christmas in the mix it is ludicrous! It was an almost-warm Sunday morning when we set outside to work on the cobb oven. Before sifting the dirt (in the old bed […]

Exciting things for Fangorn!

Good things are happening for us. The best news is that we have straw! Well, it’s growing at present, but we will have it! This is a great thing for us. It means that our dreams/goals of having the house ready by next Christmas is more realistic/achievable. You might remember when I was writing about […]

Strange December

When doing the school/childcare drop offs today, I was reminded of what winter is like here. The scent of smoke from chimneys mixed with the smell of rain bathed in sunshine. Odd, to be wearing a skivvy in Summer. Odd, to be this cold. I have just finished reading a novel: “The Time Traveller’s Wife.” […]


We’re very excited that work on the house begins this week, with the plumber starting on Friday! We are hoping to have the slab laid by Christmas, but we are content to ‘wait and see.’ My biggest stress is not getting straw bales this season. If we cannot get the straw this season we will […]

When there’s ‘nothing to do’

Make a cobb oven! Georgia and Matty enjoyed watching the building of the cobb oven! It was a pleasant evening and we were playing outside before dinner. We decided to make a cobb oven (beautiful for pizzas, roasts, breads, cakes etc) – an outdoor dining experience sure to please! First, mark your site for the […]

Goings ons

I have been a slack blogger of late. Partly by choice and partly not. I’ve had a revelation that if people actually wanted to know what is going on in our little life then they would make contact with us. So why should I blog? The other part of me has not been blogging because […]