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Ensuite window

Great news!

We’re very excited at present, as much is happening at our house! The ceilings are in! We are rendering the walls and they are looking splendid, with rounded curves around the windows. We render the final coat by hand, painstakingly smoothing over the surface to create a beautiful texture. We also have electricity now, and […]

And it gets better…

Things are happening rapidly for us at present; the end of the year is approaching with speed. The house is moving along. We have plasterboard on the walls now. Monte is busy rendering and has concocted a new mixture for the final coat. He describes it as similar to vienna frosting (you know, buttery cake […]

The pole

We’re very pleased that the electricity pole is now up! We are one step closer to getting mains power now. This week the house wiring will happen, and the trench for the power and phone cables will be dug. The cables will be placed and the trench will be covered – hopefully all in a […]

Windows and Walls, by Gordon Goulding

Windows and Walls Mont and Bec’s house is dancing! Waltzing and spinning – Round and round it goes! Singing loudly: “Windows and walls!” The tanks are jumping! Hopping and bumping – Up and down they go! Joining the song: “Windows and Walls!” The fruit trees spin and slide, Joining the dizzy dance. Trampoline sommersaults! “Whee!” […]


Front of the house If you come to stay, this will be your view! The best! Georgia and Bella love the new windows too the south side (back) I’ll never forget arriving at my house this afternoon and seeing the windows. The elation I felt was akin to finding out I was pregnant, or when […]

Monte rendering in the main bathroom

And it goes on…

It has been nearly two years since we moved all our crap over here in a shipping container, storing it for what seems like an eternity and making-do in a tiny shack whilst we build the home about which we’ve been dreaming for the past ten years. And it goes on still, but not without […]

A bit more news

A bit more news

Not a lot to report, although things at the house are moving along nicely. I haven’t blogged for a month! Apologies! We are waiting for the windows: Double-glazed Western Red Cedar casement windows! They will be beautiful, and we can’t wait to get them in and have LOCK UP! I feel as though having lockup […]

A bit of news

It has been a long time since I blogged. Lots is happening. On the house front, Monte is very busy preparing the house for rendering. He is stuffing any nooks and crannies in the straw walls with a water-clay-straw concoction. He is almost done. The render that has been done is drying into a nice […]