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Posts and Utes and Amazing Friends

Pulling out posts with ute and brute Some people who know me (especially the ones in Adelaide) might be surprised to see me revving the guts out of the ute in an attempt to pull posts out of the ground. My wonderful big spunky husband is at the post, ensuring that the heavy-duty wire sling […]

Spinny spin-spin

My first attempt at spinning – using a drop spindle made of myrtle. I keep this in my car for when I have some spare time to spin on the run! (not actually whilst driving)  This week I went to the local spinners and weavers meeting. It was awesome! My mother-in-law gave me a spinning […]

Life going on

Pardon me for not blogging for a while (actually, I did blog, but I ‘saved’ my post rather than ‘publishing’ it). We have been terribly busy hanging out with our new friends! Plus, there are all these ruddy festivals every weekend, so we’ve been so busy socialising and going out that I haven’t been posting. […]

What we do when we have none

This has happened on several occasions. So I thought I would blog it. We ran out of battery power again. For some reason the cord from jenny wasn’t reaching the battery bank. Gradually, over three days (which isn’t that bad, really), the batteries went flat. It has taken two days with jenny running to get […]

Amanda’s visit

A very happy me with my friend Amanda Amanda came to visit recently. Thank God for Amanda. She and I met when we were pregnant with our daughters. Georgia and Frances were born a week apart, but were due on the same day (November 7th). We clicked straight away and have been close friends ever […]


I’m not sure. After a dear friend of mine recently brought to my attention that my views regarding trees are somewhat hypocritical, I am reflecting on these views. When I see a truck loaded with tree trunks that would be possibly 200 years old, heading towards a pulp mill, for example, I get upset. These […]

God bless you, Jac-Jac

Matthew loves trucks and cars. He makes a rumbling noise with his mouth as he maneuvers his cars around (usually on people’s arms and legs). But he also likes playing with Georgia’s dolls. So I bought him a doll of his own. We were so close to calling our son Jack (after my grandfather) that […]