Spinny spin-spin

My first attempt at spinning – using a drop spindle made of myrtle. I keep this in my car for when I have some spare time to spin on the run! (not actually whilst driving) 

This week I went to the local spinners and weavers meeting. It was awesome!

My mother-in-law gave me a spinning wheel last year. That was back when I had high hopes of spinning my own wool from my own sheep and alpacas. Nothing has changed since then; I am even more keen to spin my own fleece! I have this idea that I am going to make all the gifts that we give. Toys and clothing for children and lots of things for adults.

It was Monte who suggested that I get a second wheel. One reason for this is so I can learn to spin and then it will be easier to learn how to put my other wheel together and use it. The other reasons are so I can take it to the spinners and weavers meetings, and also so he and I can spin together (and maybe even compete!).

Anyway, I took my new wheel to the meeting. With me came my friend Kristina, who also has a new wheel! We learned a great deal from the lovely ladies who were at the meeting. It was very encouraging. It was also very inspiring to see some of their work: things they have made with their own handspun wool. Some women weave, and there were some beautiful products that had been woven: patchwork ponchos, woven vests, scarves and a beautiful autumnal blanket in golds, browns and reds. Divine! I knew then and there that I want to make things. Not necessarily to sell, but to give as gifts. To decorate my new house with artwork made by Monte and me would be very rewarding indeed!

Maybe my passions are changing. But I have always wanted to create, and being here has given me more time and inspiration for my writing as well. I want to do everything! My dear mother in law would call it the many volumes of Rebecca’s ‘to do’ list!

I’ve never felt happier!