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Pardon me for not blogging for a while (actually, I did blog, but I ‘saved’ my post rather than ‘publishing’ it). We have been terribly busy hanging out with our new friends! Plus, there are all these ruddy festivals every weekend, so we’ve been so busy socialising and going out that I haven’t been posting.

Although the above is actually true, I haven’t blogged much for a while because I was knitting Evie a dolly for her birthday. I made one dolly, but it wasn’t good enough, so I made another one, and then had to crochet and knit some clothes etc. It was so much fun making one of my favourite two-year-olds a dolly that I think I might do that for my other little favourite people!

The highlight of the past week for me was purchasing not only a pedal-powered singer sewing machine (from 1908 Russia), but a new spinning wheel. Now, before my mother in law lurches into panic (in case she is reading this), I am certainly keeping the spinning wheel she generously gave to me. It was Monte’s idea to get a second wheel; one that is smaller, that I can take to the local spinners and weavers meetings, and one that he can use, so we can spin together! Can you believe it? We’ll be sitting by by the fire with blankies over our laps whilst we spin our wool. Or Tania’s wool, if I can wrestle her mother for it! LOL

I am so terribly excited by my sewing machine and my spinning wheel, which is locally made out of blackwood. It is a fine machine. I love it. I love the sound it makes when it whirs around. And the idea of sewing garments with my antique singer is also exciting. Little old domesticated me.

Now, I am addicted to coffee. I have to have my two lattes before I function in the morning, and usually I buy a coffee if I am out in the afternoon. Well, enough is enough. I am going to try to stop drinking coffee! It will be hard and it is a good idea that I am in Tasmania, far away from my family, because I will get cranky! Why, you may ask, am I going to quit coffee? Well, there are several reasons. Firstly, it’s terrible for me. I get so tired and lethargic. Secondly, when ‘the shit hits the fan’ coffee might be hard to come by. But mostly I want to quit coffee because I depend on it to stay awake. Plus, there are so many teas out there, I need to get my hands around tea pots and warm mugs and inhale vapours that are devine.

This week, I got THE PHONECALL from Georgia’s school. I was sort of panicky-calm when they told me that she had had an accident. She had banged her mouth on the playground. There had been a few tears and lots of blood, and although none of her teeth had broken or fallen out (eek), they seemed to be damaged in some way. Thus our first trip to the doctor began. Thank God that her teeth will be fine. She has a fat lip and sore gums, and mustn’t eat apples for a while, but she will be fine. Soon the teeth will stop wobbling. Except she has a wobbly tooth. It’s down the bottom of her mouth. It is the first tooth she ever grew. I am terrified that it will fall out and she will lose it. I need to keep that first tooth of my first baby for ever. Any sentimental mother like me will understand my connection to that tooth.

My parents are in America at present, visiting my sister and my niece. I’m not sure why I miss my parents even more when they’re overseas. Perhaps it is that I can’t just call them during my free call time. It has been nearly 4 months that we have been here. I feel like we have been here for ever. I love it here. It feels like home. I even love my tiny little cabin that gets messy just by looking at it. We really need more space, but we are so cosy and happy here. I want to get started on the vege patch but there are always things that need doing before getting to that step, and it can be very frustrating.


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  1. Jules
    Jules April 21, 2008 at 9:05 pm |

    It is great to read how relaxed, content and settled you are in your new home. Also thrilled that you have discovered you have placed yourselves in such a welcoming community.

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