Amanda’s visit

A very happy me with my friend Amanda

Amanda came to visit recently. Thank God for Amanda. She and I met when we were pregnant with our daughters. Georgia and Frances were born a week apart, but were due on the same day (November 7th). We clicked straight away and have been close friends ever since. Our daughters are like sisters – they play well an they squabble too.We got to do a few interesting things whilst Amanda and Frances were visiting. On Friday we went to the curry night at a nearby Organic Cafe. It’s kind of a regular thing we do now with friends. We went to Salamanca Market. It was fun. We took the girls to the Faerie Shoppe. I had a migraine the following day, but when it cleared up in the early afternoon we went to the Focus on Franklin Festival, which Amanda loved because of the real country atmosphere. We got to do some driving and it was great to catch up on several months of not being able to meet for coffee almost daily!

Amanda also helped us out with our house plans. She gave us some great ideas. We have put our drawings in, hopefully for the last time, so the architect can work on them and soon we should get the ball rolling with council approval etc. We have gone back to our original ideas and it looks as though I will be getting a sewing room afterall. I hope to get a loom, actually, and put my spinning wheel and my loom in the room and make textiles. My loom room.

Anyway, the days are getting colder and darker. I look forward to my Adelaide visit. It was great to have a contact with my past again. I am glad that Amanda was able to visit and see what we are doing down here. I hope we get more visitors in the near future, although, until we finish building the house they might have to camp…

You can see photos of our holiday with Amanda and Frances here.