Rebecca Goulding

A bit of news

It has been a long time since I blogged. Lots is happening. On the house front, Monte is very busy preparing the house for rendering. He is stuffing any nooks and crannies in the straw walls with a water-clay-straw concoction. He is almost done. The render that has been done is drying into a nice […]

Strawbale Abode

We started in early February with the laying of our concrete slab. Less than six months later, we have something that very very very closely resembles a house! Happy happy joy joy. Ren and Stimpy at the laundry door of their lovely strawbale abode. The Eastern wall and carport – the first wall to be […]

Back Home…

It was hard to come back home again: the cold, damp caravan and the confined spaces that we’ve now been living in for 18 months. The constant drizzle and rain is fairly depressing, and I am, once again, questioning myself. Why on earth did I choose to move to this place? I happen to like […]

Photos and things

Great news for us is that we have recently passed council framing inspection. Not only have we passed, but the inspector said the work we’ve done is “very good!” The roof is still going up, having been delayed slightly because of wet and frosty weather. Nevertheless, Monte is anticipating that he will start to bring […]

Exciting Developments

Very exciting things are happening in our neck of the woods! Excitement abounds… Firstly, as I write, work is happening on our house. The lazerlite sheeting is now fixed on our carport and both verandahs. It is wonderful to have some shelter from the rain (ever looming, ever present, bloody rain). The lazerlite is clear […]


Firstly, I thank my friends who have given me lots of support and encouragement recently. It’s the times when an old friend makes contact, just to wish me well and give me oodles of love, that makes my heart feel warm again. I’ve been missing my friends a lot. I’ve left them behind, and feel […]

News for Fangorn

Bad News to report, I am afraid. Last night some predator crept into our baby chick enclosure and killed the lot. They were nearly 5 months; ripe for the eating! We were planning a gradual slaughter and roast dinners for five weeks or so. We are bitterly disappointed, as these chooks were being fattened up for […]


Matthew and Georgia with their Easter loot: 0700hrs Happy Easter. I have been thinking a lot about the religious philosophies behind all these holidays we celebrate. Another Easter went by when we did not go to church. This was partly because we escaped the confines of the cabin for a picnic with friends at Margate, […]