I’m not sure. After a dear friend of mine recently brought to my attention that my views regarding trees are somewhat hypocritical, I am reflecting on these views.

When I see a truck loaded with tree trunks that would be possibly 200 years old, heading towards a pulp mill, for example, I get upset. These trees are beautiful beasts that will end up as paper. For paper, there are many means of production. I don’t like seeing the pocked hills, where large gaps are made by tree felling. Using trees is not the only answer.

When I see a lovely piece of timber that has been carefully cut and polished and made into something original and beautiful, I don’t feel the same disappointment. When I walk into my wood kitchen in my new house, on the timber floorbards that come from my own trees, I will feel proud that that wood has come from my own land. I will know that I have – or will – continue to grow and harvest these wonderful beasts. I will use my timber to make furniture and floors etc.

Wood is a great alternative to plastics, which use oil and other nasty chemicals. Too much furniture in the modern home is unnatural and the manufacturing of synthetics damages our planets. Bring back the local miller, the local carpenter, and the furniture that will be passed down through generations rather than ending up as landfill in a decade.

So, in summary, perhaps hypocritically, I am excited about using my trees in the house that I will build with my bare (gloved) hands.