Time for a Bed

Matthew is in the bottom bunk now. He is very cute because he tends to sleep on his belly, with his bottom in the air, curled up in just one corner of the full-sized bed. This evening Monte and I walked up the hill to the proposed house site. When we came back inside, we […]


I can’t get over how fast Georgia is growing up! I took a few double takes today. Her face is changing. She is losing her puppy fat. Her eyes are bluer. Her skin is darker. Her hair is the colour of honey. She has freckles dotted over her nose. her lips pout in a pretty […]


As MG stokes the fire (yes, in February) I sit listening to Lucy whine at the door and Matty playing in the playbus. It is cold but beautiful and I am happy, although I am waiting for the kids’ room to be ready. I am grateful for the genny so we can make our lattes […]

Finally an Update!

Ok, so we’re here in Tasmania. We don’t have internet at home yet. Actually, we have the internet, but the internet doesn’t support Mac OS10.5 yet, so poo to Telstra. We’re all sitting in the local online centre, which is very flash. Georgia is playing games and Matthew is feeding a baby dolly with a […]