I can’t get over how fast Georgia is growing up! I took a few double takes today. Her face is changing. She is losing her puppy fat. Her eyes are bluer. Her skin is darker. Her hair is the colour of honey. She has freckles dotted over her nose. her lips pout in a pretty rosebud shape. She smiles and her whole face lights up.

When did this happen? When did my baby girl grow up? Where was I and what was I doing that was so important to dare miss a moment? Here she is, tall and elegant and all grown up, ready to take on the world… and I am not ready yet. She’ll be leaving without me soon, for I will still be crouching here, waiting for the right time.

But then there’s the evening when she cries for mummy and daddy, and regularly she wants to cuddle into our bed and feel safe in our arms. She covers us with kisses, entertains us with her singing and dancing.

I think that before this one leaves the nest (athough she claims that she never will), there will be many years of fun to treasure, and then some!