As MG stokes the fire (yes, in February) I sit listening to Lucy whine at the door and Matty playing in the playbus. It is cold but beautiful and I am happy, although I am waiting for the kids’ room to be ready. I am grateful for the genny so we can make our lattes each morning. I have already had 2 but I want another, and I am still in my jarmies! We really are going to have to get more logs ready for the fire, but this beaut stove burns nice and slowly and it is quite effective.

Today d’Art got headbutted by a goat. I think Georgia took her too close to them. The new chickens are laying eggs, but we don’t know where – some animal got them and ate them yesterday. We blamed d’Art. The goats are entertaining when the pick the flowers off the thistles. They use their lips to eat and it looks hilarious. Dickie is ‘in’ with the girls and that has been interesting, learning about the mating habits of chickens. The girls are so tame they try to roost on and near us, so each night we put them back into their coop to roost. They are now free range birds and are looking better than when we purchased them from the poultry farm. There is a niche market for organic chickens (live) so we are going to breed some hens to sell at the many markets around here. Hopefully we can breed some other animals too, and that way they can earn their keep.

Lucy is so sweet and is growing every day. She is looking quite cavalier now but with mostly the colouring of a silky. Matthew and Georgia are quite happy in the playbus and Georgia periodically puts a ‘cape’ around her neck and ‘flies’ around the property – so great it is to have all this marvellous space, and, yes, even some rain!