Time for a Bed

Matthew is in the bottom bunk now. He is very cute because he tends to sleep on his belly, with his bottom in the air, curled up in just one corner of the full-sized bed. This evening Monte and I walked up the hill to the proposed house site. When we came back inside, we wondered where Matty would be. I almost trod on him when I went into the kids’ room to check on them. He had fallen asleep on the carpet. Funny boy must have got out of bed and played with his blocks for a while, before conking out on the floor!

Matty is doing lots of talking. Today he said ‘goat’ among other things. Georgia is almost enjoying school. She gets nervous and I’m not sure if she is making friends. She’s not usually shy, but she seems to be very shy at present.

I would like to be living in a nice house, but have decided that if I want to rent a house whilst we build, I will have to work. I am not sure if I want to work yet; I want to be around for my children. I also want to work on my land and build my house. Therefore, I have decided that I can put up with living in a tiny house for the next few years while we build the house. It’s not easy! What we are doing is huge. It has only recently occurred to me the magnitude of what we are doing. Not many people sell everything and put most of their belongings in storage whilst they go and live in a container type thing on 23 acres in a small country town whilst they build themselves a house… It’s all so new and strange, sometimes. Other times I am in awe of what we are doing and I get excited by this adventure.

I am very excited that my friend is coming to stay soon. I can’t wait!