Treechange Tuesday

Treechange Tuesday

If I was to pack up our life again and move to a new state, I would be more confident. I am so happy with our choice. Any doubts I had were a waste of time and energy. I feel like I have the best life I could live and I feel like we are […]

Treechange Tuesday: size matters

We often suggest that it could have been a wise choice to start off with a smaller house, and then extend more rooms once we were settled. That way, the build would have taken less time, which means less time in the cabin! It would have been quicker to get completion if the house was […]

Treechange Tuesday: toilets

Yes, well, probably not a title you thought you would see on my blog. We have two of these toilets. In hindsight, we only need one. It’s a really good choice for our main toilet because we did not need to worry about plumbing in another basin in ‘the powder room,’ and of course the […]