Amanda’s visit

A very happy me with my friend Amanda Amanda came to visit recently. Thank God for Amanda. She and I met when we were pregnant with our daughters. Georgia and Frances were born a week apart, but were due on the same day (November 7th). We clicked straight away and have been close friends ever […]

More on the House

On this beautiful autumn day, I am sitting on my bed, looking out my window, past my Hills Hoist (which I am still calling a work of art!) and towards our forest and the hills to their right. I still can’t get over this new life I am living. Before hanging up my washing I […]

Straw or not to Straw?

On purchasing our property, our dream was to design and build a strawbale home on a hill overlooking luscious views of the area. We had several stipulations about our design: a house site on the top of our property to maximinse privacy and the views a cool store in the house: a very large pantry […]