Treechange Tuesday: toilets

Yes, well, probably not a title you thought you would see on my blog.

We have two of these toilets. In hindsight, we only need one. It’s a really good choice for our main toilet because we did not need to worry about plumbing in another basin in ‘the powder room,’ and of course the water saving concept is excellent. However, in an ensuite, it might not be the best choice. It’s hardly necessary. You’re close enough to the sink to wash your hands so you don’t really need the fancy loo. Again, however, the water saving option is a good one.

With these toilets, I wonder about the long term result of using soap over the cistern. Surely the soap will eventually leave scum inside the cistern. As yet there have not been any dramas with the toilets, although guests always ask, without fail, if the tap will turn itself off.

Yes. It will.

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