Treechange Tuesday


If I was to pack up our life again and move to a new state, I would be more confident. I am so happy with our choice. Any doubts I had were a waste of time and energy.

I feel like I have the best life I could live and I feel like we are giving our children the best life we could give them. The experiences they have through living here and doing what we do give them a richness in their days and adds value for them.

Even though I was happy when we made the move, there were doubts and tears as well. Now those are washed away and we feel like we are closer to living the dream about which we spoke when we were still teenagers.

Once my mother told me that the move we made was not putting our children first. I think that is so far from the truth it’s crazy. Our children explicitly express how much they love living here, in Tasmania on our little farm overlooking the valley. They like seeing wildlife as they travel to and from school.

So next time I would be braver. I would cry less and laugh more. I would be more confident that change is a wonderful thing; that it’s a good thing to step outside the comfort zone and take on a challenge; that taking a rocky path on an adventure towards your dream is a good thing.