Goings ons

I have been a slack blogger of late. Partly by choice and partly not. I’ve had a revelation that if people actually wanted to know what is going on in our little life then they would make contact with us. So why should I blog? The other part of me has not been blogging because […]

Great news for Fangorn

Our current exciting news is that we have finally received building approval for our house! That means that we can start working on it! It is a great milestone for us but we are still waiting on plumbing quotes. One plumbing quote was $5000 beyond our budget. Some quotes have been well above our budget […]


We’ve just come back from a lovely weekend away with our dear friends, the Smiths. We went to Southport. We also visited Cockle Creek. Cockle Creek is the most southern driveable road in the country. It’s a shame that the road is so terrible. It was so slippery and slidey! Just as our cars were […]

Lovely day!

For a while now, I have been contemplating laying my blog to rest for a while so I can focus on some fictional writing. After hearing from my groupies, however, I have decided to keep writing posts, albeit, perhaps, less frequently. Today was a good day. Great in fact! Although we are sad to say […]

The Fence…

We are very excited that our fence was finished today. We are most grateful to Jamahl for all his help! Hopefully the cows, and the son, will stay away from the dam now. Jamahl and Monte hard at work  The barb… We are convinced that this will deter cattle (and people) from the fence, despite […]


In case you are worried about my little wandering son, you’d be happy to know that Monte, with the help of the fabulous Jamahl, is working on the fence, and the blokes reckon it will be completed today! We are very much looking forward to the rest of the fencing being done too. We are […]

Windmill Raising

We helped our friends Tanya and Jamahl raise their windmill on Saturday. It was very exciting and it was a lot of fun. All I did was take photos, but Tanya did some great sign painting and she even climbed the beast when all was finished. Monte and Jamahl drove their 4WDs in reverse to […]


This week has been quite normal. So, what is a normal week at Fangorn? We rested on Monday. Monte worked. We did jobs around the house and I was pretty put out that Mothers Day only comes once a year, and I had to do the dishes. Georgia went to school on Tuesday and Matty […]