In case you are worried about my little wandering son, you’d be happy to know that Monte, with the help of the fabulous Jamahl, is working on the fence, and the blokes reckon it will be completed today! We are very much looking forward to the rest of the fencing being done too. We are going to make one huge paddock first, and then fence off areas, like the house site, and divide the paddock into smaller paddocks.

Our plan is to have a hay paddock – or two or three – this year, and rotate a few cows (we are interested in Dexters) on the paddocks. We have also decided to keep a few sheep, for lambs for the pot and fleece for my spinning wheel. We might tether the sheep and get them to keep the lawn nice and trim at the house.

I just want my chickens to lay eggs. We have 6 hens and we only get 2-3 eggs a week. I have decided to leave the eggs that they layer lays, because her comb is going pink, which is apparently a sign that she is going to go broody. I am looking forward to getting more hens at the Ranelagh market in a fortnight or so.

I stressed a bit about announcing, on my blog, that I gave my son a smack after he ran away. I wanted to clarify that the smack to the padded nappy bottom was really quite gentle. The main part of his punishment was having to walk all the way back to the ute. He is too heavy for me to carry, although, if I were to carry Matthew from the creek to the cabin at least once a day, I would be very thin and very fit indeed!

Last night we went to Granny Lew’s for the first time in ages. Us home-building folk need to watch the purse a bit, so we are saving money instead of dining out with friends :(. It was wonderful to eat Lew’s fabulous curries again, and the ambience at the cafe is excellent. We love the country spirit of hospitality. We love it that Lew comes and sits with us and chats to us over the meal, and that she looks after the children so well. We love the country life and would never move back to suburbia. We are actually regretting not making this move earlier, we love it so much!

We are excited about Monte’s parents visiting next week!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you don’t mind my literary diarroeah! I always love to hear that people have read my posts, and I love getting feedback. I am grateful for your patronage, and I hope you find something remotely inspiring about our little adventure.

Blessings x