Grand Final Day #1 2010

Grand Final Day #1 2010

We had a fun Grand Final Day at our great friends’ house, Ben and Jill. No comment will be made in this post about the actual footy game that the nation witnessed today. We are yet to decide if we will be celebrating another Grand Final Day next weekend… Two Ben10 fans, Hurricane Harry and […]

Blowing bubbles on NYE

The stove!

The exciting new development in our build is finally moving our new stove into the kitchen! Our neighbour, Simon, drove the stove up to our house with his tractor. Our friends, PJ and Miranda came over after than, with their heavy-duty dolly, and they moved the stove into position. Weighing 350kg, it was a big […]


Matthew and Georgia with their Easter loot: 0700hrs Happy Easter. I have been thinking a lot about the religious philosophies behind all these holidays we celebrate. Another Easter went by when we did not go to church. This was partly because we escaped the confines of the cabin for a picnic with friends at Margate, […]

Warmer Weather!

It looks as though summer is going to grace us with her presence afterall, with temperatures forecast in the low 20s (and even high 20s) over the next few days! Excellent! We are not, however, fooled by the cooler weather, as the sun here has a certain ‘bite,’ and it is easy to get burnt. […]

Dear Tania

Dear Tania Firstly, thank you for looking after my furry (and feathered) friends. We really appreciate your help. It is here that I confess that I have not yet been to Haighs as you requested, but I shall get there soon to pick up some loot. Whether the said loot reaches Tasmania is yet to […]

Exciting things for Fangorn!

Good things are happening for us. The best news is that we have straw! Well, it’s growing at present, but we will have it! This is a great thing for us. It means that our dreams/goals of having the house ready by next Christmas is more realistic/achievable. You might remember when I was writing about […]