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I have been a slack blogger of late. Partly by choice and partly not. I’ve had a revelation that if people actually wanted to know what is going on in our little life then they would make contact with us. So why should I blog? The other part of me has not been blogging because our power situation doesn’t really cater for it. We’re spending more time outside and it is great fun enoying the beautiful weather and the sunshine. We’ve been choosing to go without phones and computers lately (well, partly choosing and partly not).

So, what is new? We are growing some veges, thanks to Monte’s persistence with his double-dig vege garden. We have lettuce, brocoli and siverbeet popping up now, as well as some other greenish things, and lots of potatoes!

Yesterday we waved goodbye to our goats, Anna and Giddy, who are off to our friends’ farm for a thistle-eating holiday! It benefits all parties, as we are low on the weed front and Craige and Kristina need some furry friends to fight the thistle dilemma. Anna and Giddy will be pleased; they were getting hungry.

On the house front, we are still waiting to choose a plumber. Some people run their businesses badly, in my opinion, and do not get quotes in quickly enough. We are scouting opinions from pure-bred locals as to who is the best. We have a fair idea now on who to choose. We have the concreter lined up and we’re meeting with the power guy tomorrow. We would like to have the slab laid by Christmas, but we won’t hold our breath.

It looks as though we will be in the little cabin for another year or so, depending on how the building goes (obviously). With the drought, we are concerned about the supply of straw for our little home. Nevertheless, we will keep our chins up. We have a cosy caravan and we actually enjoy waking up together in the same ‘room’ every day. The children have a playroom and they are using it beautifully. We’re not ‘camping’ as my father implied. We are making-do whilst we build our dream!

We haven’t talked much of our home here on the blog. We’re keeping it a bit private until it is built. Sometimes I wonder if there is any part of my dream home that we are not incorporating in the design. I cannot think of anything that we are omitting. It is wonderful to discuss the dream and I recommend building a home if you have the guts to wait it out and put up with a fair amount of stress. I am not good at waiting or dealing with stress, so this is a real challenge for me!

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  1. sampsonh
    sampsonh November 24, 2008 at 6:41 pm |

    Hi Rebecca,

    Sometimes when we want to find out what’s going on, we log onto your blog. Sometimes we just sit and listen (read) and sometimes we respond (like today, by posting a commment) … So be assured that you are being heard and cared for even when you aren’t aware of it …

    Keep living your dream!

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