Matthew and Georgia with their Easter loot: 0700hrs

Happy Easter. I have been thinking a lot about the religious philosophies behind all these holidays we celebrate. Another Easter went by when we did not go to church. This was partly because we escaped the confines of the cabin for a picnic with friends at Margate, and partly because I am finding it really difficult to believe in a benevolent God. There is so much disaster happening in our world. If there is a God, why doesn’t He smite us; fix us; show us how to be better? Didn’t he smote the Sodoms, and flood the world that was upsetting him? Shouldn’t he be flooding us now? Perhaps he is; it is raining heavily right at this moment…

I do believe that Jesus walked the earth, that he was born and taught and then died on the cross. I love my neighbours as I love myself (I love myself to a degree) and I do not believe that I am better than anybody – I also believe that nobody is better than me! I’m just wondering where God is throughout all the turmoil on the planet. Despite the beauty that he has made, there is much disaster as well.

Easter. It began with Good Friday, and Ben Smith and the children came to Fangorn for a BBQ before Monte and Ben hiked to the rooftops of our beautiful wonderful lovely home-to-be, to secure roof battens. Below is a photo of the boys on the roof. Beyond is the view that I will never tire of, and that I am almost looking forward to looking at whilst dishwashing.



Monte and Ben discussing roof battens. Or something.

Easter Saturday was spent at the house site, working. I cut battens with a hand saw, feeling very grateful for all the woodwork I did with my father when growing up. I think of my dad a lot when we’re building and I imagine he’d like to be involved to a degree. He probably won’t read this, so I don’t mind saying that I can’t wait until my folks visit in July so I can set my dad to work!

Easter Sunday, after an early(ish) wake-up call from an excited daughter, saw us ferreting around the cabin for little easter eggs left by the good bunny. The children got a marvellous stash and I am ever-so proud that (a) there are still eggs in the bucket, awaiting consumption and (b) that they share with their parents with glee! We headed to Dru Point in Margate for a picnic lunch with Ben and the kids. It was great fun, but we finished off the afternoon with a shopping spree before an afternoon and dinner at the Smiths. I had a really fun Easter!


My angel in a tree


Milly and Georgia – best friends since 2003


Milly and Harry


Matthew, Georgia, Amelia and Harry after *another* Easter egg hunt!

Monday was a gorgeous day, weatherwise, so we were back to work at the house site. Georgia rode her bike around the house. For a while now she has not been very keen to go to the house site. Having her bike there changed her tune and she is now begging to go up there again so she can ride! Despite the rain! Monte made the mistake of telling her that we’ll be buying a trampoline soon, to put up at the site to coerce the children to have more fun up there for longer. We were hoping to await a sale on trampolines, but with the G’s nagging, we may have to pay full price.


Georgia riding her bike in the house

Yesterday was another beautiful day, and Ben and the children came over again! The children played so beautifully together. It was great fun. Monte and Ben were up at the house site, again, and got most of the battens done on the hips. Now there are only a few more battens to do. After that, securing more brackets between the internal frames and the trusses, as well as finishing the ladderwork for the bales, and erecting more vertical posts, and we can get the council dude in to give his pre-roof inspection. I am very ready for a roof on the house. We will be able to collect water as well as start baling. I *really* want to be in my new house. I am in the process of planning the kitchen. I am glad I am starting this now, because it will take a while because I want my kitchen to be as perfect as possible (knowing that, eventually, I will want to change it all over again!).

Photos from Gordon and Chris’ visit:


Chris and Monte discussing truss business


Chris, Monte and Gordon


The house during work on the trusses (notice roof battens not all up)


Uncle Chris with Matthew and Georgia


Monte, Chris and Gordon enjoying a lunch break on north paddock


Gordon and Chris reading with Georgie


The boys working on the house

To Gordon and Chris, thank you again for visiting us, helping us and sharing in our big adventure! xox