Photos and things

Great news for us is that we have recently passed council framing inspection. Not only have we passed, but the inspector said the work we’ve done is “very good!”

The roof is still going up, having been delayed slightly because of wet and frosty weather. Nevertheless, Monte is anticipating that he will start to bring bales up to the house, where he will store them in the carport, whilst I am in Adelaide with the kids this week.

More work being done on the property this week is the digging of a trench to run a water pipe from the water tanks at the house site to the cabin. This way we will be able to collect water at the house and run water to the cabin. We will no longer need to use precious battery power to pump water to the cabin; the height and distance from the house means that we can have near mains-pressure. It also means that the cabin will have its own heating and water supply, and will eventually be a nice place for families to visit (hint hint). Of course, we don’t intend to be in the cabin for much longer because we are going to move to the house for Christmas. No matter the state of it, I guess!roof going on!

Roof going on West side of house, with pergolas on South and North sides


Georgia jumping on the trampoline, with Fangorn Forest in the background


Roof on North side of house


Georgia holding some rather large chunks of ice from a big frost we had this week


The children and me on Mothers Day at the Tahune


A very large quantity of green tomatoes, harvested from our garden, which was used to make green tomato pickle (we used this recipe: YUM!