Rebecca Goulding

It’s a boy thing

I have not posted for a while, and for this I apologise, but life is busy in the fast lane. I am looking forward to the break over Easter – here in Tassie, we have a week school holiday before another month or so of Term One. Then we’ll have a three-week holiday! Everything seems […]


Building a house is exhausting! Add to the mix: raising a family, looking after animals and vegies, trying to improve the property, running a business and teaching, and you are wanting to go to bed at 7pm. Yesterday we finished the internal framing. This was a very exciting occasion. We can now walk around the […]

Animal Farm

Again, lots has been happening at Fangorn Farm. I am managing to type this blog with a little boy at my side, who is entertaining himself by counting as I type (he can only count to ten, so this is getting a bit monotonous!). It’s early for a Saturday. Georgia is still sleeping; we were […]


Yet another stage of the build is over and another begins. Today we completed the ringbeam phase. All the ringbeams are now raised, meaning we can go onto order the trusses, which we will do tomorrow. I have made a video diary of the first and last beam-raising. The fist beam took over an hour […]

So much!

A family affair: building a house as a family is a great adventure! One of the reasons I have not written a post is that SO MUCH is going on! My dear friend Tania (hello, Tangles) keeps reminding me to update this blog, so here goes! (I think Tania should have her own blog – […]

positive post

The loss of the cobb; the slow inevitable draining of the dams; old batteries that aren’t recharging well (thus, a lack of power) are things that make us realise the difficulty we have put ourselves into. Some days are indeed difficult – but wwhose life is easy? We try to focus on the positives: an […]


This is sad. Do not laugh. It sums things up for now. After a night of thunder and lightening (remember: such weather events are rare in Tasmania) and close to 100mm in one night (I kid you not – I sort of measured it) our beloved Cobb oven went kerplunk. It is sad for me, […]

Post #100

Yay! We celebrate post #100 with a few exciting details on our progress at Fangorn! Firstly, the title (“Post”) is quite fitting today as today is the day we’re expecting to raise our first house post! It will be a two-man effort (or at least one man and one woman), with the posts being very […]