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The Fence…

We are very excited that our fence was finished today. We are most grateful to Jamahl for all his help! Hopefully the cows, and the son, will stay away from the dam now. Jamahl and Monte hard at work  The barb… We are convinced that this will deter cattle (and people) from the fence, despite […]


In case you are worried about my little wandering son, you’d be happy to know that Monte, with the help of the fabulous Jamahl, is working on the fence, and the blokes reckon it will be completed today! We are very much looking forward to the rest of the fencing being done too. We are […]

All happening here at Fangorn

We have been so busy of late that I have not had the time to blog. Plus we’ve been sick. A few things are happening at Fangorn. We are getting ready for the Goulding snrs’ visit next week. For a few weeks now, I have been sorting and clearing and making space in the playroom […]

We have a new page at this site: You can read about the children there, but you will need to contact me to get the password. There are two upsides of protecting the page about my children. One) we keep riff raff away from information about our most precious ones; Two) I will know […]

Monte montmont

Monte, working at the Brines’ property on National Tree Day I found this photo of Monte at our friends’ blog. I wanted to put it on my blog because it shows what a farmboy Monte has become, and I think he looks drop dead gorgeous. Unfortunately he has recently lost those long locks, however.

Snow drops keep falling on my head

Whilst we are warm and cosy in our little cabin, it is freezing outside. I’m not using a metaphor; it literally is freezing! It snowed last night at Fangorn. I was very giggly and excited to see and feel the fat drops of white falling everywhere. They splatted on the ground like a delicate bird […]

What a beautiful day!

Today was a gorgeous one, that’s for sure. The sun shone on my washing line for hours! It streamed in through the bathroom window, drying walls and the floor and bathing itself in sunlight in the bath. I loved it! I actually said: “Come’n kids, let’s play in the sunshine!” In Adelaide I had to […]

Power Issues

For a while Monte and I have been debating the issue of grid power versus off grid power. Obviously there are pros and cons for each. Hence the long debate. A while ago now, Monte and I decided that we would connect to grid power ie mains electricity. We thought that it would be a […]