Snow drops keep falling on my head

Whilst we are warm and cosy in our little cabin, it is freezing outside. I’m not using a metaphor; it literally is freezing!

It snowed last night at Fangorn. I was very giggly and excited to see and feel the fat drops of white falling everywhere. They splatted on the ground like a delicate bird poo (that is a simile. Perhaps I miss teaching).

Snow falling from the sky last night

This morning it is wet, wet, wet. However, there is a thin blanket of white covering our hills, our cars and any surface that is cold enough to retain the snow. Our hills are white; the hills around us are white; and the fog is still sitting on Geeveston.

Our paddocks this morning – covered in snow

We are indeed relieved after an official visit by the council yesterday. We have applied for a caravan permit, so an inspection was required. We are delighted that they have been, seen and are pleased enough with our set up (set up by previous people who lived a lot rougher than we do!) to grant us a caravan permit and allow us to stay here whilst we build our house. Although we are very comfortable here, after some renovations to this cabin, we are excited about living in our beautiful new home.

The house, you ask? We already have planning approval. At present the plans are still with the architect. Shorty they will be sent to council for building approval. When that comes though we will organise the plumbing, slab, frame and roofing. Although we are intending to go back to Adelaide for Christmas, we are actually hoping that we will be too busy building our home to afford the time for a holiday! We want to be in our new house by next winter.

I am sipping a hot coffee as I sit on the sofa in front of the fire, with a couple of children lying on the nearby lounge, covered in a blanket and watching “Dora the Explorer.” It’s 9:30am and I have no idea of what to do today. Obviously it is too cold and wet to play outside! It seems that getting some puzzles and games and crafts and the trainset and the blocks out may be the way to go. With the fire on, we can do some baking, and, if it gets hot enough, we can make pop corn and watch a dvd after lunch.

Georgia spending some time in her playroom this morning