What a beautiful day!

Today was a gorgeous one, that’s for sure. The sun shone on my washing line for hours! It streamed in through the bathroom window, drying walls and the floor and bathing itself in sunlight in the bath. I loved it! I actually said: “Come’n kids, let’s play in the sunshine!”

In Adelaide I had to show the children rain, whenever it would grace us with its presence. Here, in a place so close to Antarctica, I have to make them play in the sun! I love it now that the sun is shining higher in the skies, and even shines through our windows in the afternoon. It’s a small pleasure, this thing called sunlight. I felt so happy in the sun today. I am looking forward to more warmer days. Today was a whopping 14 degrees!

I love the weather in Tassie and am glad the summers are easier on the soul, but the winter is cold and cruel. Thank God for our toasty warm fire.

I have been baking a lot lately. I am making the most of our warm wood-fire-oven and am baking bikkies and cakes and damper. I am searching for the perfect bread recipe, and when (if) I find it, I will post it on my blog!

I have been watching Georgia learning ballet from a Barbie movie. I suppose I should start looking into ballet classes for her.