When there’s ‘nothing to do’

Make a cobb oven!


Georgia and Matty enjoyed watching the building of the cobb oven!

It was a pleasant evening and we were playing outside before dinner. We decided to make a cobb oven (beautiful for pizzas, roasts, breads, cakes etc) – an outdoor dining experience sure to please!


First, mark your site for the oven. We used an old bus tyre to mark our the spot. If you’re not lucky like us, and you don’t have a spare bus lying around, use something else that is round, or draw it free-hand. Then dig out your circle, leaving a mound in the centre. Get your children to collect some rocks, and gather rocks around the outside of your circle. This creates a little wall. And it is fun to collect rocks. And it uses up some of the many rocks that were once where the vege patch is. If you are not lucky like us, and don’t have a plethora of rocks at your disposal, you might like to use bricks or something.


Get some reinforcing wire mesh and place ir over your hole. You will see that our wall is two rocks high. The little ones are the ones that Matty and Georgia put in. It was a family effort.


Mix some concrete and pour it into the hole. Smooth it out. We forgot to write our names and the date in the concrete, but you might like to do that for posterity. It will probably get charred anyway.


Stay tuned for the finishing off and then the cooking in our cobb oven!