Dear Tania

Dear Tania

Firstly, thank you for looking after my furry (and feathered) friends. We really appreciate your help. It is here that I confess that I have not yet been to Haighs as you requested, but I shall get there soon to pick up some loot. Whether the said loot reaches Tasmania is yet to be seen!

Things are going well here in Adelaide. It is hot, as expected, and dry, as expected. In fact, we have been quite surprised by how arid it is here. Hills are brown now, instead of green. Water features are turned off “in respect” to water conservation. There’s no bloody water here, and all will perish eventually. First it will be the gardens, and then water will be monitored and then everybody will starve to death and they will wish they knew their martial arts. People reading this might not get the location joke here, but you know what I mean. Basically, this is a dust bowl. Yet, in a way, it is home.

It has been lovely to see friends again. We arrived in church and were greeted by our friends’ daughters. They hugged us. People were singing and I got quite emotional (unlike me, I know), being in the place where I was married – almost ten years ago – and where my babies (all chubby and cheruby, like Will) – were baptised. It was a pleasant morning indeed, and we loved seeing our friends there.

It was wonderful returning to parent group. We’ve been meeting since the children were newborns (five years ago) and we have developed lovely relationships. It was great to see everybody again. The children have grown a lot and the mothers look glamorous and lovely. We’re going out to dinner soon.

Christmas day was really special, especially in the morning, when the children found their stockings (and had a little fight over the Charlie and Lola dominoes that were lying on the floor). We had a pleasant, relaxed breakfast and opened presents in a leisurely fashion. Monte bought me a gift from HR – need I say more? Very lucky indeed. The children were given a great deal of presents. In Monte’s family we give to charity, and for Christmas I was given some water and some chickens and an organic vege garden for people in Cambodia. Isn’t that lovely?

We had lunch at my parents’ house. Same food as always – and I won’t go into details, although I am happy that my sister is engaged before the baby is born, and I loved having cuddles with my niece. You can imagine how Georgia responded to the baby, and apparently she was very good at settling etc. That’s all the practice she is getting with your baby Will! And from my wonderful parenting too – for I am a very, very good parent, as you know.

A quiet dinner with Monte’s family ended our Christmas Day. We missed Monte’s brother (on call) and sister (in Canberra). Nevertheless, it was a lovely meal. Gordon makes a beautiful cherry and walnut salad, which you would love. We ate prawns and chicken and ham. Salads galore. Followed by a flambe pudding that had Matty engrossed. Followed by lollies and nuts and tea and coffee. Georgia was given a harmonica from Father Christmas (thank you, Father Christmas) and she did a little performance, complete with singing and harmonica-ing and giggling. She’s a little performer, like her grandparents. I love it that everybody was interested in her, and us – asking us about our adventure, and we talked about Geeveston a lot. We talked about the Southern Design Centre and HR. We talked about you guys and Monte’s dad discussed the markets, and your lovely stall. They were interested in our house design and the issue with the straw bales and the saga with the architect. It is a blessing to be loved, for that we are.

Today I spent the day with the beautiful Amanda. The children played so beautifully all day. I nibbled my way through the day: olives, camembert, mince pies, tuna, salad, chicken… and drank too much tea and coffee and coke. It was a glorious day. It was the best day we’ve had here. Monte went fishing with Wayne. They caught 26 garfish and some snapper (which had to be thrown back). I actually watered Amanda’s garden using a bucket and pool water.

It looks busy for the next week, but we are very much looking forward to coming home and working on the house. We are enjoying seeing friends. I am planning to do some shopping, although that will probably drive me mad.

I have one thing to say, Tania. I am so glad that I have my own vege garden, and that I have learned some martial arts skills. It’s funny how easy it is to type marital arts instead of martial arts. As I finish this, it has been thundering and lightening, and is now (gasp) practically raining.

Missing you and the family

Rebecca xox