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An interesting title to get your attention! PJ and Miranda gave us some more films to watch. “For Richer or Poorer” was one of them. It is about a vacuous couple who run away to an Amish community to escape the IRS. They learn that the simplicity of life is good for their marriage etc. […]

Great news for Fangorn

Our current exciting news is that we have finally received building approval for our house! That means that we can start working on it! It is a great milestone for us but we are still waiting on plumbing quotes. One plumbing quote was $5000 beyond our budget. Some quotes have been well above our budget […]

Building progress:

Life is fairly busy at Fangorn; children, animals and every day business keeps us occupied. We’ve had some visitors at our place recently, which has been lovely, but it has rendered us slightly fatigued! We now have a plumbing permit. This means that we can begin the plumbing work for our house. We have a […]

Fangorn Residents and Residence

I’m going for Peter Cundall. Burke has always annoyed me to a degree, and I am a fan of Pete. If those two are at loggerheads over the logs, I’m with the blooming marvellous man. When we first moved into this – er -cabin on December 31 2007 (Monte’s 21+10th birthday), it was a pretty […]


We’ve just come back from a lovely weekend away with our dear friends, the Smiths. We went to Southport. We also visited Cockle Creek. Cockle Creek is the most southern driveable road in the country. It’s a shame that the road is so terrible. It was so slippery and slidey! Just as our cars were […]

Lovely day!

For a while now, I have been contemplating laying my blog to rest for a while so I can focus on some fictional writing. After hearing from my groupies, however, I have decided to keep writing posts, albeit, perhaps, less frequently. Today was a good day. Great in fact! Although we are sad to say […]

More on the fence…

You will be pleased to know that the fence works. Surprise, surprise. Matty walked down there today – completely supervised by Monte – and got caught on the barbed wire as he tried to climb under. He’s fine. I haven’t checked his new jumper though. I know that it is practically covered in mud! Speaking […]

The Fence…

We are very excited that our fence was finished today. We are most grateful to Jamahl for all his help! Hopefully the cows, and the son, will stay away from the dam now. Jamahl and Monte hard at work  The barb… We are convinced that this will deter cattle (and people) from the fence, despite […]