Warmer Weather!

It looks as though summer is going to grace us with her presence afterall, with temperatures forecast in the low 20s (and even high 20s) over the next few days! Excellent! We are not, however, fooled by the cooler weather, as the sun here has a certain ‘bite,’ and it is easy to get burnt. […]

Exciting things for Fangorn!

Good things are happening for us. The best news is that we have straw! Well, it’s growing at present, but we will have it! This is a great thing for us. It means that our dreams/goals of having the house ready by next Christmas is more realistic/achievable. You might remember when I was writing about […]

Strange December

When doing the school/childcare drop offs today, I was reminded of what winter is like here. The scent of smoke from chimneys mixed with the smell of rain bathed in sunshine. Odd, to be wearing a skivvy in Summer. Odd, to be this cold. I have just finished reading a novel: “The Time Traveller’s Wife.” […]

Snow drops keep falling on my head

Whilst we are warm and cosy in our little cabin, it is freezing outside. I’m not using a metaphor; it literally is freezing! It snowed last night at Fangorn. I was very giggly and excited to see and feel the fat drops of white falling everywhere. They splatted on the ground like a delicate bird […]

What a beautiful day!

Today was a gorgeous one, that’s for sure. The sun shone on my washing line for hours! It streamed in through the bathroom window, drying walls and the floor and bathing itself in sunlight in the bath. I loved it! I actually said: “Come’n kids, let’s play in the sunshine!” In Adelaide I had to […]


There is this old adage that if you’re bored (or boring) you talk about the weather. I think that talking about the weather should not be a problem at all because it’s so interesting (does that make me bored, boring, or interesting? I’ll never know…). We went to the Salamanca market today. I love Salamanca […]