There is this old adage that if you’re bored (or boring) you talk about the weather. I think that talking about the weather should not be a problem at all because it’s so interesting (does that make me bored, boring, or interesting? I’ll never know…).

We went to the Salamanca market today. I love Salamanca markets. I have my favourite stalls, in particular, Tania’s, where she and Ady sell beaut apples and jam (plug plug). It was fun.

My point is that the weather in Hobart was sunny. I would love to add ‘warm’ to the description but it was so fricking cold my teeth were chattering!  In contrast, Geeveston was cold, windy and very very very wet! It was raining buckets. And when we arrived home, it was the same. I was surprised that it would be such different weather in Geeveston and Hobart. Did you know Hobart is the second driest capital city in Australia? Second only to Adelaide.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting!