The pole

We’re very pleased that the electricity pole is now up!

We are one step closer to getting mains power now. This week the house wiring will happen, and the trench for the power and phone cables will be dug. The cables will be placed and the trench will be covered – hopefully all in a day! That’s right, we are close to having mains power. I can’t believe it (and I am not holding my breath; things often tend to take longer than hoped for).

When I have electricity, these are the things that I will be wanting to use straight away (possibly in order):

– washing machine
– fridge
– toaster
– coffee machine
– music (more often!)
– iron (maybe)

There you have it… we are getting excited now!

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  1. Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright November 23, 2009 at 12:17 am |

    Hi there! We are very excited with you at the nearness of your house to being liveable! Can’t wait to see it in person… we will get there one day. Promise!


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