And it gets better…

Things are happening rapidly for us at present; the end of the year is approaching with speed.

The house is moving along. We have plasterboard on the walls now. Monte is busy rendering and has concocted a new mixture for the final coat. He describes it as similar to vienna frosting (you know, buttery cake icing). The present projects include: rendering, base coat on the plaster, electricity and plumbing (to mention a few).

It is wonderful to have lock up now. I love the feeling of opening the front doors and walking into the house. We have chosen the tiles and they are in stock, meaning that they will probably arrive soon. The shower screens and ceiling are on their way. The cooker will also arrive shortly, so we are thinking about how we will move it into the house (it’ll be very heavy, being cast iron and all…).  The paperwork for connecting mains power is in and we have been assured that we will have power for Christmas. This has encouraged us to order the kitchen and the appliances.

So much is happening!

We are looking forward to spending Christmas in the new house. We will clean it up and spend a few days over Christmas staying the house and having a break from work and building. It will be lovely to have a break from the cabin, which is feeling smaller for us (perhaps because the children are growing up so fast).

We are currently enjoying a visit from Poppa. We all had dinner out last night – such a treat! He will be here with us for the Geeveston Christmas Pageant (the whole family will be marching in something) and also for Christmas carols. In January, Monte’s parents and my mother will be visiting as well. We will have at least two Christmasses this year!

Peace x

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  1. PJ
    PJ December 22, 2009 at 7:29 pm |

    Excellent work you guys, its a credit to you both. You set out what you were going to do, you set a timeframe and you have met it despite the wettest year in a long time and much hardship along the way. A definite test of your persistance. Enjoy the rewards

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