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We’re very excited that work on the house begins this week, with the plumber starting on Friday! We are hoping to have the slab laid by Christmas, but we are content to ‘wait and see.’ My biggest stress is not getting straw bales this season. If we cannot get the straw this season we will […]

When there’s ‘nothing to do’

Make a cobb oven! Georgia and Matty enjoyed watching the building of the cobb oven! It was a pleasant evening and we were playing outside before dinner. We decided to make a cobb oven (beautiful for pizzas, roasts, breads, cakes etc) – an outdoor dining experience sure to please! First, mark your site for the […]

Goings ons

I have been a slack blogger of late. Partly by choice and partly not. I’ve had a revelation that if people actually wanted to know what is going on in our little life then they would make contact with us. So why should I blog? The other part of me has not been blogging because […]


An interesting title to get your attention! PJ and Miranda gave us some more films to watch. “For Richer or Poorer” was one of them. It is about a vacuous couple who run away to an Amish community to escape the IRS. They learn that the simplicity of life is good for their marriage etc. […]

Great news for Fangorn

Our current exciting news is that we have finally received building approval for our house! That means that we can start working on it! It is a great milestone for us but we are still waiting on plumbing quotes. One plumbing quote was $5000 beyond our budget. Some quotes have been well above our budget […]