Winter Bloos

Hmmm…. I suppose it is time to update the blog! A lot has been happening at Fangorn Farm. We are delighted now to have two dams. One came complete with a spring, and has consequently been filling up steadily. The other dam is small and deep, and is positioned at the top of the property. […]

Big stuff going on!

Here we are, back home in our mostly-cosy cabin in beautiful Geeveston. It was wonderful to see Monte at the airport and we have all had a lot to catch up on. Georgia is particularly excited to be with her daddy again! Coming back home brought a few surprises. Firstly, on my seat of the […]

News for Fangorn Farm

From afar I write this post, knowing a few things about the happenings on my property. Although I have had a great time catching up with my beloved friends and family, I am waiting impatiently to go back home to my extra-beloved Monte, the farm and my little animals! A few things are going on: […]

Wishy-washy machine

It’s true. You won’t believe it. I have a washing machine. They haven’t been around for very long. And not many people on this planet have a washing machine. I almost feel guilty for having one – but not quite. When I start to struggle with the small space we live in, and the lack […]

Cabin Fever

I like living here. I look out the window and see rolling hills and green grass. There is a forest and in the mornings the fog creeps along and makes everything look romantic. We can see Geeveston in the valley, and at night the lights sparkle like a fairy town. My washing takes ages to […]

Life at Fangorn – an excerpt from a letter

“Things are good here. Just when I get annoyed with the lack of space and close contact with everybody, we do a big tidy up as a family and things get better. I thought it’d be easier to keep a small space neat and tidy but it’s no different. Toys are everywhere, mostly, and my […]

To Grid or not to Grid

That is the question! We are having discussions at present about whether to connect to grid electricity. It is tempting, because then I could run a big washing machine at home… a $20,000 washing machine! It would cost $20k to connect to grid electricity. Then we would have to pay bills, despite being offset by […]

What we do when we have none

This has happened on several occasions. So I thought I would blog it. We ran out of battery power again. For some reason the cord from jenny wasn’t reaching the battery bank. Gradually, over three days (which isn’t that bad, really), the batteries went flat. It has taken two days with jenny running to get […]