Filling in time (before I ring mum)

Georgia and Matthew are trying to settle for bed. They both have runny noses. Monte is feeling crappy too. Our friends’ children have the chicken pox, and because we saw them recently, I think my children might be getting it too. Despite immunisation (which Georgia has had), I know of plenty of children who are […]

Devils and swings

A few nights ago I heard an awful, menacing noise coming from under the front ‘porch’ (really a few pallets set up like so). At first I thought it was Naigee growling, but as I woke from a groggy sleep, I realised it could not be the cat… it must be a devil*! What on […]

Time for a Bed

Matthew is in the bottom bunk now. He is very cute because he tends to sleep on his belly, with his bottom in the air, curled up in just one corner of the full-sized bed. This evening Monte and I walked up the hill to the proposed house site. When we came back inside, we […]


Over the weekend we took the new truck camping. Monte wanted to pick up his peteroid motor thing that will be our new backup generator. We drove up north and camped in Sprent. The forest was very pretty, although it was terribly windy (and cold, and wet) and the trees croaked and groaned all night. […]

Swimming and Stuff

Today was quite warm – hot even! With temperatures reaching 30 degrees, we all went to the local pool and had a lovely swim! We’re thinking about getting a season pass, so we can go whenever we want to. Georgia had a fabulous time and is a natural in the water. She “swam” at least […]

Georgia starts school!!!

a grown up Georgia in her school uniform Right, so, my firstborn Georgia Rebecca May has grown up and wears a school uniform and goes to school and learns stuff… I can deal with this! It’s only two days a week. It’s only for a few hours. It’s nice to have some time just with […]

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday Monte and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Here’s us when we were married – aged just 21 and 22! We celebrated with a scenic drive followed by a family picnic at Margate playground aka Du Pont Bicentennial Park, where we ‘fed’ (under duress) ducks that made Matty cry; watched boats on the water; […]

Georgia wins Pet Parade at Middleton Fair

On Saturday we went to the Middleton Country Fair. It was a superb day! We saw animals, visited lots of stalls of homemade crafts and produce and Georgia took Lucy in the pet parade and they won! Georgia won a scarecrow badge and some lollies because she had the cutest pet – and quite possibly […]