Swimming and Stuff

Today was quite warm – hot even! With temperatures reaching 30 degrees, we all went to the local pool and had a lovely swim! We’re thinking about getting a season pass, so we can go whenever we want to. Georgia had a fabulous time and is a natural in the water. She “swam” at least 6 laps, with her noodle. She even beat me most of the time! ;) Matty was not so sure. I think the water was too cool for his liking. He clung to us tightly. He liked being lifted up and then splashing down again. It was fun because we all had the pool to ourselves. We think we might even go tomorrow because it’s going to be 32!

We’ve run out of our bandwidth, so I’m not going to post any photos onto this blog for now. We have some great shots, taken by Georgia, of the animals. She loves going around the farm, taking photos!

On Wednesday we’ll get our wind-generator, which wil be great! Monte cut down two trees today and it has opened up our ‘backyard’ (a small secluded, sheltered area behind the house, where we often eat dinner). He intends to chop more trees down because we will need to have 20-40 metres of cleared land in case a fire comes through (and we’ve already had some threats!). I am sick of running the generator, but now everything is on the batteries and we will only need to run the generator to supplement the wind and solar generators. Monte has done a wonderful job, connecting everything up! He’s had a lot of help from his brother too!

Monte is asking me how much he is “allowed” to spend on his tractor. Then there’s the new car and a trailer that we have our eyes on. Tomorrow we want to catch up with the architect. Things are not progressing as fast as we’d hoped; we had given him instructions, which he seems to have forgotten. The house will be great though. And I am looking forward to having more space, although there are a lot of things I like about having less space. It’s helpful that we have a shipping container that is storing a lot of our things. However, a smaller place is easier to clean; it’s easier to organise (you must!); it is easy to be power/water savvy; and we are always nice and close by each other. Yay! The bonus of having 23 acres is that when that ‘close’ becomes ‘too close,’ we can just go for a walk! It’s always calming (I have already tested that theory!).