People who know me know that I love the children’s television show PlaySchool. As a teacher I can see the planning that goes into the show to educate and entertain children; to facilitate their learning through play and song; and to help parents learn how they can encourage their children to engage in imaginative play and music. 

Elora loves watching PlaySchool and I enjoy watching it with her. I often comment that I’d love to work behind the scenes, making those adorably crafty props! 

Although Sarah does not watch TV, she will often look at the screen for a while when PlaySchool is on, and she will clap her hands, call out and smile at the TV. Cute!

So, I took the girls to the PlaySchool concert in Hobart a few weeks ago. Elora was completely wrapt during the show. Actually, she got a bit overwhelmed during the show and had to lie down for a while! Sarah was interested in the music but she was also wary of the crowd and all the noise. 

I loved taking them to the show. I enjoyed the show too, but what I loved most was watching my children, and all the other little tackers enjoy the show too! Teo and Rachel were the presenters and I like both of them. They just make the show so much fun to watch. 

And what made it even more special for me was that in 2013, pregnant with Charlotte, I bought tickets for a preschooler, baby and mother for the April  2014 PlaySchool concert. I cannot explain the heartache of going to that concert without my precious daughter Charlotte, with my loss still so fresh and raw. I enjoyed Elora, but my precious baby wasn’t there as I had planned. 

So, going to the concert with 2 of my daughters this year was  incredibly wonderful. And when that PlaySchool theme music began I got really choked up and almost burst into tears in happiness and a bit of sadness. There I was, a preschooler and a baby on my lap. I was holding them tight; they were wearing matching clothes because I’m like that; and it was all so incredibly good. 

Here are some of my photos from the day because I want to capture every moment for ever.