9 months 

Well isn’t Sarah a big bundle of joy! She is such a busy bee. She crawls quickly, following me around everywhere. She seems much happier since she began crawling (over a month ago now, so she’s quite good at it!). I think she likes exploring a bit too much. She is pulling herself up on furniture and she’s beginning to cruise around. It’s all happening very quickly!
She’s not spewing as much anymore, thankfully, although she has her moments. She loves her food and pretty much eats whatever we are eating. She feeds herself really well and gradually less and less food is landing on the floor (sorry Jac!).

For me: Lots of breastfeeding. Not much sleeping. I’m wearing Sarah around a lot. She often needs extra comforting. She’s very clingy. Also, she’s getting 4 new teeth. She got her first 2 teeth at 8 months. They seem to be taking so long! She is in a lot of pain with it. When she cries her mouth goes rectangular and her bottom lip and chin tremble. No wonder she’s usually in my arms!
Sarah has a great sense of humour. She’s fun to play with (most babies are!). She adores her siblings and always makes happy exclamations when they go near her. The feeling’s mutual. Our children love eachother so much (they also fight every now and then).

Sarah is saying a few words. Definitely mama and dad. She is beginning to say ‘dat’ and ‘dere’ (like ‘that’ and ‘there’) when she’s interested in something. She says ‘hi’ and a baby version of hello. She claps and is beginning to wave… So much is happening.

Rebecca x 

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  1. Kelly
    Kelly September 9, 2015 at 3:40 pm |

    oh what a little sweetheart! She will be running in no time……then you can send the siblings to catch her. Gorgeous photos.

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