Snow at Fangorn Farm!

We woke up on Monday, August 3, to the sight of snow lying thick all over our property. We were so excited. There was lots of squealing!

Tasmania experienced a freak snow event, where it was snowing right down to sea level on Monday and Wednesday. We had snow resting on our property up to 5 inches deep!

The children had the day off school – actually most schools south of Hobart were closed for the day! We spent the day playing in the snow, and cuddled up drinking hot chocolate and tea and eating fruit and cake. 


I encouraged the children to go outside and enjoy the snow. Hey looked so adorable frolicking around in the magic cal white winter wonderland.     

The whole landscape was transformed. It was white everywhere!

We made snowmen. We liked the way you can mould snow. It goes into a tight ball; you can really compact it in. The snowmen took a long time to melt because of all the compaction. They looked funny. 


The view from our kitchen door was completely transformed. So pretty!  

Because Monte was away, it was my job to feed the cows. Feeding them in the snow was a different experience! I hit covered in light fluffy snow. I loved it. Somehow it didn’t feel that cold, although my feet got cold after crunching around on the snow.   

It pretty much snowed all day!   

(Georgia’s snowball man)  

(Our first view of the snow in the morning)


It was still snowing on Wednesday and the kids had another day off school. I love d the way everything looked so different in the snow. The White, green and purple of the lavenders in our garden looked so beautiful. 


Monte carved this statue for me 7 years ago. It’s me holding baby Matthew. I adore this statue. She sits in our front garden. She looked lovely covered in snow. 

Monte was away for a week, visiting family in Adelaide. We were so lucky that he got home on Monday night because the highway was only open for a few hours, and it closed only a few hours after he got home! 

So, fangorn farm in the snow. How beautiful!

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  1. Kelly
    Kelly August 10, 2015 at 7:10 pm |

    such beautiful photos! How fun to stay home, drink hot drinks and make snowmen!

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