My spot

I’d love to have my own craft room. I miss the desk I once had in the hallway – but I’m really loving the big cupboard we put there instead! It holds all my stuff (I wrote about it here).

Anyway, I really need a place in the house where I can set up my sewing machines. A comfy chair with good lighting would be great for knitting and crochet and hand sewing too. So I set up this little area in the living room.


My little corner, where the play corner used to be,* has an armchair and ottoman (cos I need to put my feet up) and a blanket (for cosines). Next to my chair is my nanna’s treadle sewing machine, on which I sew.


Next to my sewing machine is my project bag. A gorgeous leather bag I bought at an OP shop for $4. I kind of take it everywhere I go. I carry a crochet book and some crochet yarn and hook, and my current knitting project. Under my machine is a box of sewing patterns and my current sewing project (currently Days for Girls shields) as well as my sewing iron and my sewing case.


I love my little space by the window. It’s lovely and light for crafting. It’s beautiful and warm in winter too. Because I’m doing a lot of crafting right now, and needing so much rest, it’s nice that I can sit in the living room and be with people as they go about their business. Sometimes I like to go to my room where it is quiet and cosy, but my spot in the sun is a good place to be too.


In fact I’m sitting in my little corner right now to write this post. I’ve got my tea and a muesli cookie and a vase of daffodils that Elora picked me from our garden. Monte is working. Elora is running around in her tutu and I’m just being quiet. I’ve spent a lot of time this year being quiet and still, and it’s kind of nice.

*now that the children have their own rooms, all their play things are in their bedrooms.