I think August has been my favourite month this year. So much good has happened. So much to be grateful for.

One thing I am grateful for is the weather we have had. It has been so beautiful. Lately it has been much like Spring! We haven’t had much winter weather, which is pleasant but concerning, if you think about climate change! It did snow at our place once or twice in August, but mostly our weather has been warm and sunny. A few days ago I recorded a temperature high of 26.6 at our house, which is above the Tasmanian summer average!


We have been so grateful that our rainbow baby is growing healthily. We are all very excited. At our last scan she was measuring a week ahead in growth, with all dopplers normal. She’s using her lungs! I love it that she kicks me whenever I feel concerned about her well being. I love it that we are telling everybody she’s a girl. Apart from our pregnancy with Matthew, we’ve always kept the sex of our baby a secret. Telling is a lot more fun! She has a name – we chose her name before I even got pregnant – but we are definitely keeping that a secret!

And whilst we’re talking about baby, here’s a pic of me last week at 22 weeks with a 2m long scarf I made for a friend. I feel really tired but I feel mostly good and mostly happy.


I’m really grateful that I have been able to receive maternity payments from work and the government this year. I’m having a year off from work and I’m loving it. Elora and I have been going to playgroup at the kids’ school on Fridays. It’s lovely! I am loving my time with Elora.

Last month I took Matty shopping for his birthday. It was lovely having a day out with my little man. This month I had shopping days with Georgia and Elora. We had great times together. Clothing these ever-growing kids is fun! Donuts and hot chocolates are even more fun!



Book Week was good. The children chose to dress up as characters from their current favourite texts. Georgia was Ruby Redfort and Matthew was Big Nate. Both books were given to the kids by Aunty Sarah! Georgia dressed up as Dora. The assembly/parade was a lot of fun. All the teachers were dressed up really well too! There is a beautiful exciting and communal feeling in their school.


We’re starting to see evidence of spring in the garden. Yay! We’ve still a lot of work to do in the garden but it’s getting there.





And I’ve been crocheting a lot. Mostly gifts for people. I love it. I’m making plans for another handmade Christmas, except on a bigger scale compared to last year. We’re all excited. Here are some things I’ve made.






I hope you have enjoyed August too. I hope you have a chance to enjoy the sunshine and spend time doing things you love.