Ripplealong week 5: c’est fini


I finished my ripple blanket on Good Friday. I felt sad as I tied off the last loop, kind of the way you feel after a really good book! Since finishing the blanket I have been keen to start a new one! I’m certainly not short of folks to make one for!

The blanket is 140cm wide and 145cm long. It sits really nicely on our bed, but some of the time it is wrapped around a child watching television on the couch. Or on me whilst I knit some little Easter presents for my little lovelies (never mind that it’s taking me longer to do so than I expected!). Right now Georgie is snuggled under the blanket as she sits next to me playing SimCity…

I used 8 100g balls of 8 ply acrylic yarn to make this blanket. It was the perfect amount, although I ran short of a few colours (white, purple and green) and I had to add extras. Luckily I had extra balls of the purple and white, and the pattern has not been compromised. Not that it would actually matter, because I used variegated yarn.

I chained 186 and used a 4mm hook for this blanket, but because I crochet loosely I should use a smaller hook next time.

Doing something with my hands in the evening is good for me. One reason is because I cannot snack on chocolate (it is Easter, after all) if my hands are busy!

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  1. Suzan
    Suzan April 4, 2013 at 2:47 pm |

    I love your blanket too and I am in awe that you are finished too. Enjoy snuggling under it.

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